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06 January 2012

Its a PESTO Festo!

Can't believe how uncomplicated yet so flavoursome this has turned out! We are VERY lucky to have a fantastic Italian deli a short walk from home and always buy my antipasti there including fab tapenades and pesto's. However due to the very happy basil this year in our garden and my challenge, here is a perfecto pesto recipe that rocks.

This recipe makes about 1 cup of Pesto.

Prep time: approx. 10 min. cooking time: none, all the better!

Kitchen stuff needed: a food processor or blender is fine, a knife, and a grater. Too easy.

Ingredients from my garden:

60 x big basil leaves

10 x mint leaves

2 x sprigs of parsley

Other Ingredients:

2 x big cloves of garlic (or to your tasting)

70gm x pinenuts

3/4 cup x parmesan/pecorino cheese

Olive oil (I use extra virgin Spanish) approx. 1/2 cup

Let’s get to it:

1. Toast your pinenuts in a dry saucepan on high for about 1 - 2 min, but keep a very close eye on them as they burn really fast. As soon as starting to brown up throw straight into ready and waiting food processor and let sit there and cool off for a few min while you do steps 2 - 4.

2. Wash, drain and rip up your basil, mint and parsley leaves roughly.

3. Take off skin of garlic and roughly crush with back of knife

4. Grate your great cheese :) (Total "Dad" joke there)

5. Toss your herbs, garlic and cheese into food processor with pinenuts and pulse on an off for about 15 seconds. (Don’t forget to get in there and enjoy the aroma's!)

6. When at a consistency you are happy with, slowly add the oil, keeping the pulsing action up. Again, add less or more oil depending on your preference.

Job done. Freeze half for up to about 4 months in an airtight container (defrost in fridge)

Enjoy as is with fresh bread, mixed with al dente pasta, as a base for some crostini, on a toastie (I love pesto/chicken/cheese/tomato melt!), there are plenty of other ways too. So simple, so good. Serve with a glass or 2 of quality vin rouge.

Soundtrack for Antipasto: Hôtel Costes 15 by StéphanePompougnac

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