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18 January 2012


Last weekend Melbourne hosted its first “So Frenchy, So Chic music festival” at Werribee Mansion just out of the City. SFSC started as a musical soundtrack to the French Film festivals held here, and has had quite a cult following in the past years. It’s fantastic to see music and foreign culture like this make its way down under. It was a magical day in a sensational setting with new French music, French and local wines and wonderful French food stalls.(Special mention to the salted caramel macaroons, Laurent Perrier champagne & the 26 degree cloudless day!)  Like many others we picnicked in style soaking up the diverse music acts, and even made it to the front of the stage for a dance-off (Miss 2 yr. old rocked out too) to Féfé.. A fantastic French/Nigerian hip-hop rapper act with the backing of a soul band. Very cool, in a way that the Frenchies (like so much they do) just make it work.  Other acts of the day were Asa, Moriarty and Nouvelle Vague. So, in the spirit of all this Frenchiness, my mid-week recipe is a scrumptious and fresh tasting Pea, Silver beet, Mint & Feta Tarte. Bon appetite mes amies.

Prep time: approx. 15 min. cooking time: about 45 min

Kitchen stuff needed: Sharp knife, chopping board, Tarte/quiche tin (mine is about 20cm diameter), baking paper, baking beans (not necessary, but good if you have them), mixing bowl, a fork

Ingredients from the garden:
20 x mint leaves
2 x silver beet stalks (or use spinach instead)
4 x small tomatoes
1 x small cucumber

Other Ingredients
1.5 x sheets of shortcrust pastry (defrosted)
5 x eggs
½ cup x frozen peas
50gm x feta cheese (I use marinated goats, but use any)
50gm x grated parmesan cheese
1 x avocado
S & P to taste

Let’s do it:
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
2. Remove stalk from silver beet and chop into ½cm strips, do the same for the mint.
3. Put baking paper in tarte tin, and a place sheet of pastry into tin. Use remaining half piece to fill in any gaps. Trim pastry so it’s even around edges
4. Press all pastry in and insert fork multiple times into base of pastry. Add another smaller piece of baking paper on top and add some baking beans (these add some weight to stop the pastry raising too high)
5. Bake pastry base for 15 min
6. Crack all eggs in separate bowl and whisk with fork.
7. Once pastry is out, take out baking beans and top piece of paper. Add chopped greens, peas, feta and parmesan. Arrange evenly.
8. Add egg mixture evening and bake back in oven for 30 – 40 min until egg all cooked through. Take out of oven and rest in tin. How easy was that?
9. Meanwhile, chop tomatoes, cucumber and avocado into small pieces and put in salad bowl.
10.         Cut Tarte into 4 and serve with side salad.

Devour the delicious, healthy and fresh flavours of this light summer dinner/lunch. Makes 4 large pieces of tarte, serves 2 hungry frenchie-wannabes (or 4 if after something really light)  

Enjoy with a large glass of crisp French champagne (of course!)

Soundtrack for a Tarte: So Frenchy So Chic 2012 by Fefe, Moriarty and many other cool French cats...

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