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05 January 2012

Happy 2012 everyone! (My first blog post ever)

05/01/12 - our vegie patch today
New year, new resolutions, new plans for the future. With the new year brings new plans, ideas and aspirations to make this new year better than the last and for once mine are a bit different this year.. instead of the usual eat less, run more and try and save $ (all of which havent been overly successful, or fun!) so I am taking a new approach:

1. Spend more time outdoors in the sunshine and in our lovely garden

2. Make an effort to try new recipes with seasonal ingredients fresh from the garden

3. Spend quality time with friends and family doing both of the above

So, while spending all this great time outdoors  and in our vegie patch (who's upkeep to date has been thanks to Mr da Burg), I aim to share with you our weekly new meals and recipes and I invite you to do the same with me. Always keen to learn a new recipe and I'm happy to post up all recipes with your pics to share with others.

Its a simple concept really, all about keeping it real and keeping it simple  - these are the key ingredients to having an incredible life.. so, lets go..

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